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Four Wizards

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Four Wizards is a our version of a classic card-shedding game. Players draw and discard their way to an empty hand, laying down a variety of cards designed around a medieval theme. Each deck comes with 72 cards and supports a game of 2-4 players. Included are 48 Medieval Unit Cards (4 Colored Factions: Blue Cross, Green Star, Red & Gold, and Purple Chevron)

In addition to the 48 Unit cards, there are 16 Wizards (4 different classes for each colored faction), and 6 Plague Cards. Plague Cards do not belong to any color; therefore, they cannot be discarded, ONLY PURGED. Plague Cards were created to prevent you from getting rid of all your cards. There are several ways to remove these cards from your hand (see Wizard Cards). Part of the fun is discovering these various methods of "purging" the Plague.